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Weekly Rates:

Infants (6 weeks-18 months) $160

Toddlers (18 months – 3 years) $140

Pre-K (3-5 years) $130

$80 AM & PM, $70 PM only, $25 AM only, Summer Weeks $130

Other fees:
We require a $45 registration fee when your child is enrolled. We also require a $45 re-enrollment fee due each fall.

During the summer we have special activities, special guests, special snacks and t-shirts that will require a $45 fee per child.

We close at 6 pm.

There is a late fee of $2 per minute per child that is payable immediately to the teachers on duty.
Excessive late pickups will result in loss of enrollment.

Checks returned for any reason will include a $50 handling fee. If we receive returned checks from the same person, checks will no longer be accepted.

Tuition refunds are unavailable. If tuition is not received by Friday a $20 late fee will be added each week that tuition is not paid. Failure to pay two consecutive weeks will result in loss of enrollment.

Parents must give two weeks written notification before withdrawing child from care or pay two full weeks of tuition.

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